Independence Starts at the Door

To aid in creating a successful drop off pattern for your child, we ask that you consider these important guidelines.

Create a consistent drop off plan with your child. We suggest deciding with your child what the plan is going to be for morning drop off. For example:

“We are going to stop on the sidewalk. We will have one hug, one kiss, and then you will walk into your classroom. Grandma will pick you up after you go outside to play.”

It is important that the plan is simple and consistent. The more that the parent uses the same language, the better the plan works, children thrive on consistency. Also, it is a good idea to remind her when and who will be picking her up. You can use an activity that happens each day as a guideline for a child who cannot tell time like recess, lunchtime, or nap.

If your child begins to cry, carry on with the plan. Do not sway. Remain calm and positive. Children sense if you are feeling nervous or anxious, so if you are feeling this way, take a deep breath, relax your body, and put a smile on your face and continue with the plan. Remember, your child is somewhere safe where they are loved. They will be okay! If necessary a staff member will assist your child into the building by taking her hand or carrying the child if necessary. At this time you can state, “ Ms. Lori will help you to your classroom.”

If you are worried that your child is still upset, please feel free to call or email to check on her at any time.

While we do not encourage parents to come into the classrooms during drop off time, there will be a variety of opportunities for you to visit or observe your child at school. Refer to our school calendar for special events or inquire with your child’s teacher to set an appointment to observe your child at work.