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Small World Montessori Racine, WI FAQ

Why Choose Small World Montessori? 

Small World has been providing the highest quality of Montessori education in Racine, Wisconsin for over 45 years. Our holistic methods help the child progress academically, socially, and emotionally in a loving and enriched environment. Our school and childcare specialize in the care of the young child (2-6 years of age) this means that your child will receive the best education in the company of children in their age group.

Who we are, what do we teach, & how do we teach?

Small World was founded in 1973 by Sister RuthAnne in the hopes of making a Montessori education available and affordable to the children in our community; Racine, Wisconsin. Small World has continued this mission since our beginning. Our staff uses the Montessori method created in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori. Lessons are given with our beautifully made Montessori materials to individuals or in small groups. This allows for the child to work at their own pace based on their skill and interests.

How do I know if a Montessori education is a good fit for my child?

Montessori programs are a good fit for most children. The method focuses on individual learning allowing the child to work at their own pace. Socialization is learned naturally with daily interactions during snack, group, and work time. Children are able to work independently or in a small group. The Montessori classroom is designed to be inviting, calm, and structured to allow the child the ability to learn academic and real-life skills.

Can my family afford a Montessori education?

Small World strives to make Montessori education affordable to our community. A scholarship program is available to families solely based on financial need. In addition, Small World, as a state licensed childcare, is able to take *Shares Subsidy, to help pay for tuition and childcare cost. *Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy supports low-income working families by subsidizing a portion of the cost of quality child care while the parents or caregivers are working or participating in another approved activity. Wisconsin Shares is implemented locally by counties and tribes.

Does my child need to be potty trained to start at Small World?

No, to start at Small World your child does not need to be toileting independently. In fact, the toddler classroom has potty training as part of its curriculum. Students do need to be toileting independently to begin our preschool program. Children are able to begin in the toddler program and transition into the preschool program when ready. Students can transition to the next program any time during the school year.

At what age can my child start school?

Children can begin attending Small World at 2 years of age (24 months) in our Toddler program. Children can begin attending our preschool program when they are fully potty trained and able to attend 5 days a week.

Do you have childcare?

Small World is a state licensed childcare. We offer both part time, before and after school care, as well as full time care options. Our full time childcare costs the same as traditional childcare and includes an excellent Montessori education. Childcare is only available to students attending Small World’s Montessori classes.

How do children transition into traditional education?

It is Small World’s goal to not only assist our students in achieving academic excellence, but to help the child develop habits that will last them a lifetime. Doing your best, finishing what you start, self-initiative, respect for yourself, others and the environment are just some of the important characteristics we hope to instill in our youngest community members. Good habits and strong academic skills allow the child to successfully transition to any school.

What grades does Small World have?

Small World has a toddler program for 2-3 year olds, a preschool morning program for 3 – 4 year olds and a full day (8:30 am – 2:30 pm) 4K and Kindergarten. All grades have both part time and full time childcare available.

Where do children go to school after Small World?

Graduates of our program go to many different schools after attending Small World Montessori. Students go on to public, parochial, and other private schools including Montessori elementary programs.

Does my child have to go 5 days a week?

Children attending the Toddler program are able to choose between 3, 4, and 5 days a week. Our preschool, 4K, and 5K classrooms are 5 day a week program. It has been our experience, that Montessori students thrive with daily attendance. Just imagine that your child received their first lesson with the Map of the World on Monday and then is absent on Tuesday. The excitement and knowledge learned in that earlier lesson may be lost. In addition to losing learning momentum, the 3-6-year-old classroom functions as a small community. If your child does not attend daily they miss out on a special lesson, celebration, or social opportunity.