How to Dress for School Success

Children should be dressed in comfortable and manageable clothing. We encourage independence and strive for all children to take care of their own needs whenever possible.Young children experience a real sense of accomplishment when they are able to care for themselves, especially in the bathroom. Please be aware of belts, buckles, and zippers when dressing your child.

Our classrooms can get very warm even in the middle of winter. We suggest dressing your child in layers. There can be a substantial difference in temperatures between outside and inside due to the heat from the radiant sunshine that fills our beautiful classrooms.

Our children play outdoors every day, weather permitting, so they will get dirty. We encourage you to send your child in clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Our play area is covered in pea gravel, so clogs or sandals are not recommended for outdoor shoes.

Winter Clothing

The Children’s House classrooms go outside every day that feels like it is above 10 degrees. During cold weather, each child should have appropriate outerwear, including waterproof mittens, hat, snow pants, and boots. We recommend mittens rather than gloves, as gloves can be very frustrating for our young students who are trying to establish independence.

Extra Clothes

Please provide two sets of spare clothing for your child, including socks and underwear, in case of an accident or spill. If your child will be attending our childcare after the Montessori class time, please send two full sets of clothing for the classroom as well. If your child is prone to multiple accidents, please send more than two sets of clothing. For children entering the Owlet classroom, please also include at least a two week supply of disposable diapers/pull ups and diaper wipes.


Please write your child’s name or initials on all clothing including shoes and outerwear.