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Children’s House Schedule for the Willow and Meadow Classrooms

It is very important to bring your child to school on time. The beginning of your child’s school day is essential to her/his success. Our students often like to greet and socialize with their peers and teachers at the start of their day. When a child comes to school late, the greeting and socializing time is then over. Lessons have begun for the day. The child has then missed this essential time and often wants to greet and socialize with others who have begun to “work” for the day.

Every Friday at 10:45 our Meadow classroom teacher, Rachelle, plays her guitar and leads all students in song to celebrate our Small World community. Families are welcome to join.

Inclement Weather

Please be aware that on inclement weather days (rain or under 10 degrees) the children leaving after the ½ day program will be sitting on the steps for dismissal. We ask that you pick up your child as close to 11:30 as possible, to shorten the “sitting time” for our young students.

Alternative Transportation

Please notify us if your child may be picked up by someone other than you. Please make sure to fill out an authorized pick up form. To ensure your child’s safety we ask that the authorized pick up please bring a photo I.D.